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Release Waivers

Camp Deer Lake and
Grace Family Learning Center

I indemnify and save Camp Deer Lake, Grace Family Learning Center, and their affiliates, employees, and agents harmless from any liability or medical payments resulting from my child’s participating in this camp or other activities during his/her stay at Camp Deer Lake. I further understand Camp Deer Lake and Grace Family Learning Center do not provide medical insurance coverage for my child and that any medical expenses incurred will be paid by either my own medical insurance or myself. I hereby grant permission for my child to attend camp, to participate in all camp activities, and to be treated by a licensed medical professional in the event of any injury, accident, illness, or other situation that may require medical attention. I affirm that the medical information provided on the registration form is both complete and correct. I grant permission for my child’s picture to be used in future publications if selected. I understand and accept the terms stated in this entire application form.

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