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Grace Family Learning Center began out of a desire to provide all parents with the option to choose a Christ-centered, Truth-centered, and Family-centered education for their children. While creating the hybrid homeschool model, we realized that this type of learning needs to extend beyond a school support program and be a part of each family's home. So our vision is to serve the whole family, leading children to glorify and enjoy God in their daily learning, and also serving parents through the ministry of God's word and providing a community of support. 

About Us

Ministries at GFLC

Hybrid Homeschool

Deuteronomy 11: 18-21

Proverbs 22: 6

Our children are blessed when they learn from a Biblical-worldview. Find out how we can support you as you take on the important role of teaching your children. 

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Parent Support

Hebrews 10: 24

1 John 3: 11

God's institution of the family is foundational to our own lives and our community. Contact us if you need marriage or parenting support. 

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Summer Camp

1 Timothy 4: 12

John 8: 31-32

Join us for a week of God's truth and outdoor fun! This time is focused on making kingdom disciples.

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